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Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Berwyn's own Matt Scharpf will be hosting a Nashville-style Songwriter's Night where he and two or three other Chicagoland songwriters will share the stage and take turns performing and talking a bit about their respective songs on Thursday, May 17, 2012, at Friendly Tap, 6733 Roosevelt Road.

Nashville-style does not necessarily mean Trisha Yearwood covers all night. It means that just like in Nashville, the focus will be for the audience to very quietly listen to and allow everyone to enjoy the music. Talking is not allowed during the playing of a song.

And Matt will use his best judgment to bring in quality players that will be very enjoyable to listen to.

The inaugural night is no exception.

Ryan Anderson is from the band Go Long Mule and Lee Ketch is from his band, Mooner.

They are both exceptional writers in the vein of Wilco and Alt Country and the school of New Folk.

It should be a great night and it is free.

Show will start somewhere around 8:30 and if you have never been, The Friendly is a great joint to hang out in and Autre Monde is literally steps away for a memorable dinner before hand.

Enfrascada in its last week at the 16th Street Theater. Thursday, May 17, 2012, there will be readings by Monica.

BAC Spring Artist Series: May 18th, 2012

BAC presents Peter Craig. Save the date and join us on May 18th, 2012!

The show will be up for one week and opens at 5:30 PM through 9PM on Friday, May 18th, 2012. The show will be hosted at Berwyn's Route 66 Museum, 7003 Ogden Ave, which is also the home of the Berwyn Arts Council. Invite your friends and family!!

Cool stuff.

Tamale Hut Cafe’s own Christopher Krazmus reads from his self-published Selected THC Readings, Saturday, May 19, 2012.

For the past eight years Christopher Krazmus has been helping immigrants and extended-stay visitors here in the USA from all over the world improve their English language and better understand America’s unique way of life. He has worked with frightened asylum seekers and cocky global businessmen; manual laborers with little education and doctors working on advanced research; underpaid domestic help and self-made entrepreneurs. He is fascinated by novelty and distance, whether great or small; geographical, cultural, or chronological.

Writing has been a hobby of his (on and off) since late childhood and he’s been an active participant and regular open-mike reader at Tamale Hut Cafe Presents since its beginnings in early 2007. His self-published short story collection, Selected THC Readings, is a collection of short stories he’s read here. The stories are based on his experience with foreignness, whether his own, other people’s, or imaginary; in the USA, Europe, on Earth or elsewhere.

BYOB and bring an open mind ready to be stretched to the limits of imagination, or at least in that direction.

Hope to see y’all there at 7pm Saturday May 19th, only at the Tamale Hut Cafe, 8300 W. Cermak Road.

Opening Reception at 22, 7 to 10pm, Friday, May 18, 2012, featuring four Berwyn artists, three who are friends of mine.

Located at 6910 Cermak Road.

Mike Helbin
g is a sculptor whose pieces combine metal work, assemblage, found objects, and kinetic elements.

Robyn Oliver holds a Ph.D. in psychology, and her scientific background informs her art, particularly in terms of perception and visual cognition.

Tommaso Lesnick’s "Fellow Travelers" project consists of 150 photographs taken of commuters on a daily route over the course of a year. The variety of people within these photographs blend together into a singular "commuter," drawing on aspects of ritualistic behavior in the process.

Mr. Walters
works in a variety of mediums, including comics, graphic design, and T-shirts. He’s also been making one drawing a day since 2005. As part of Home Town, Mr. Walters will be exhibiting the entire collection of daily drawings from 2011, providing a great opportunity to see inside one person’s creative mind.

If that is not enough, check out next door, 2012 Riverside Arts Weekend Saturday - Sunday May 19 & 20

Guthrie Park and on Bloomingbank Road.

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