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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Vote Today!
Take an IVB ballot and vote for Michael O'Connor. Today, Tuesday, February 24, 2009, is a primary. Will take you one minute.

Sunday, February 22, 2009
Primary/Neighborhood Watch Meeting
The Primary for the IVB takes place Tuesday at your polling places, which are open from 6 am to 7 pm on February 24, 2009. If you want a competitive election, take an IVB ballot Tuesday and vote for Mayor O'Connor.

You can vote however you want in the April election, but to insure a real election in April, 2009, which is only six weeks away, take an IVB ballot on Tuesday the 24th. It will take you a minute at most, well worth the time.

Also, there is a Citywide Neighborhood Watch Meeting Monday, February 23, 2009, at 7 pm at the Police Station. Even if you are not a neighborhood watch captain, you can attend, and heck, you should be a neighborhood watch captain anyway. The theme of Monday will be a CSI demonstration, that is, a Crime Scene Investigation, plus, the Chief will give you all the details on the Baby Lindbergh kidnapping case from the 1930's. Did they have the right person?

Now, men and women, as I told you before, there are some cases in which a recommendation of mercy might do, but not this one, not this one. Either this man is the filthiest and vilest snake that ever crawled through the grass, or he is entitled to an acquittal. If you bring in a recommendation of mercy, a wishy- washy decision, yes, it is your province, I will not say a word about it. I will not say another word. But it seems to me that you have the courage. If you are convinced, as all of us are —you must find him guilty of murder in the first degree.

—David T. Wilentz, Attorney General of New Jersey, in his summation to the jury, February 13, 1935.

Check it out. Vote Tuesday!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Early Voting/Forum
Remember, that there is a primary for the Mayor's race for the IVB party. If you would like to see Mayor O'Connor win or be on the ballot in April, you can early vote Wednesday and Thursday of this week; February 18 and 19, 2009. Early voting is simple, easy, fast. All you have to do is ask for an IVB ballot. There is only one race. You can vote at Berwyn City Hall until 5 pm or downtown at the County Admin Building, 69 W. Washington, 5th Fl.

If you miss the early voting, then vote on Tuesday, February 24, 2009, the primary day. Please do vote, though.

And, there is a Mayor, Treasurer and Clerk candidates' forum at City Hall on Thursday, February 19, 2009 at 7 pm. This is your chance to hear all the candidates up close and personal. Hosted by the All Berwyn Committee, a non-partisan group. An informed voter is a good voter.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Thursday, Grand Opening Celebration
The BDC invites you to celebrate the grand opening of Wings Fire Hours Sports Bar.

Location: 6535 Cermak

Date: February 12, 2009

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 pm

Enjoy appetizers and refreshments. Ribbon-cutting ceremony will begin at 6 pm and will be followed by a drawing for raffle prizes.

Please RSVP at 708-788-8100 or

Enjoy. Or not.

Saturday, February 07, 2009
January, 2009 City Council Recap
I am going to type the Plan for any Snowfall over 2 inches:

1. All main streets will be plowed and salted first.

2. East/west side streets will be cleared curb to curb where possible. Residents are advised to move all vehicles from these streets until this plowing is complete.

3. North/south side streets will be cleared curb to curb where possible. Residents are advised to move as many vehicles to already plowed east/west streets in order to leave more room on the north/south streets to be cleared to the curb.

4. The city parking areas such as Vacin Fairway, Cermak Road and Depot Parking will be plowed in the early morning hours after 3 am either before or after side streets are completed, depending on the time of the storm.

5. The alleys will be plowed down the center with the plow raised 2 inches so as not to bury the garage aprons and allow better access when the accumulation of snow is in excess of six inches.

6. The Public Works Department will always follow the street maintenance sign restrictions until all snow is cleared to the curb on all side streets and snow routes. Residents are advised to move their cars to areas already cleared.

7. Crosswalks and all bus stops will be cleared in the business districts of Roosevelt, Cermak, the Depot area and Ogden Avenue as needed. The crosswalks near schools will also be cleaned as needed.

8. Parking tickets will only be issued under the Street Maintenance ordinance.

9. The odd/even parking restrictions will only apply when a snow emergency is declared and residents are notified by the emergency sirens at all three Fire Stations.

10. When all tasks are complete, the plows will return to the east/west and north/south plan to clear areas not already completed on the first pass.

The library will be open again on Sundays.

The gasoline tax in Berwyn will not be raised from a penny to three cents.

The Vehicle Sticker fee will not be increased.

The City will be doing a study to see what needs to be done to update Maple Pool, which will be ultimately run by the North Berwyn Park District.

T Mobile, which could not get a cell tower at Proksa Park, will be getting one at 6940 W. Ogden, not in a park.

I made a request to have artists paint the AT & T boxes so they are not so ungodly looking. Time will tell what happens. AT & T is giving the city $1,600.00 per box to do with what we will. Seems to me we can get artists, students, etc., to get the job done.

The new 16th Street Firehouse will hopefully be open for business sometime this month, two months behind schedule, which is not too shabby.

A new Redevelopment Agreement will be entered into concerning the Superblock, Cermak and Oak Park. Again, if all goes well, the bank will be a restaurant and the rest of the block will be a four story structure of medical offices, with retail on the first floor.

That is all she wrote; or not.

Friday, February 06, 2009
5th Ward Meet and Greet
Meet & Greet

5th ward Aldermanic candidate Jesse Barrios & Mayor O'Connor

Saturday, February 7th 2009

2:30pm to 6pm @ 2108 S. Lombard

Coffee and dessert will be served

Thursday, February 05, 2009
16th Street Theater
16th Street Theater

Subscribe to the theater. Berwyn's own theater, the 16th Street Theater.

The season begins this weekend. Please support Berwyn's own, real, live theater.

Fun stuff this year! Intimate, accessible and made for your budget.

It only costs $100.00 to subscribe to every play, plus extras! The best bang for your buck in this economy.

As my life segues from City Politics to non-politics, I am going for the arts.

Catch it! to buy tickets, subscribe, check it out, etc.

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