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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
This Train
At the beginning of this year, the 16th Street Theater had a show that was sold-out before it even opened. Just 6 months later, 16th Street makes it Steppenwolf debut with that show: Tony Fitzpatrick's THIS TRAIN. It starts Thursday and we want YOU to be there with us to celebrate! Come to our VIP Opening Friday, July 16 at 7:30 PM. (Tickets for Thursday are already all gone.)

Buy tickets now before they are sold out!

What is new this time? Ok you all are in for a serious treat. As if Tony Fitzpatrick at Steppenwolf for $22 is not enough, the voice of Kat Eggleston will knock you over and bring tears to your eyes. A new video design by Kristin Reeves (of 16th Street's 2008 The Scarlet Ibis) will wow you as she pulls you deeper into Tony's world for an up-close, striking, emotional tour of Tony's art and Hobo Alphabet series.

And Buzz Kilman..... What?? Did I say Buzz Kilman? Maybe I did... You can't miss THIS TRAIN.

It all starts July 15 at Steppenwolf's Merle Reskin Garage Theatre. With returning guitar genius John Rice and the man we could not do this show without: Stan Klein.

Everyone is having a blast in rehearsals and can't wait for THIS TRAIN to start to roll... Read on for radio fun, poetry and special shout-outs!

A special shout out to the following people making THIS TRAIN possible: Bruce Chudacoff of Dance All Night and Berwyn resident Maggie Ragaisis.

Get tickets: tickets

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