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Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Friday Night
Coming to a town near you...

Horrorbles is proud to welcome Mixed media artist, Jeffrey Gorski on 
Friday, April 30th from 7:30-10:30 pm. After one of Jeffrey's
custom-painted vinyl dolls - a piece inspired by Friday the 13th slasher
Jason Voorhees - went on display at Horrorbles recently, the Galerie
eagerly commissioned more work from the artist.

An aspiring filmmaker and a photographer by trade, Jeff's keen eye for
detail and passion for all things pop culture guides his aesthetic. He
specializes in custom-painted dolls, painted canvas and creative stencil
work that inventively - and often humorously - re-imagines some of
horror history's most infamous killers, legendary movie monsters and
other beloved characters.

Jeff based each piece in his upcoming show at Horrorbles on iconic
horror & pop-culture characters, such as the hugely popular video game
Bioshock's looming "Big Daddy" and Homestar's cocky "Strongbad"
luchador, and also designed a few pieces of his own macabre creation,
such as a vinyl doll with a saw blade embedded in his skull and another
who's a "work in progress" - skin stitched up like Sally from The
Nightmare Before Christmas.

Jeff's other pieces celebrate Evil Dead, Halloween and Silent Hill using
stencils painted on vintage vinyl records and canvas. Jeff's collection
at Horrorbles will also feature a series of custom-painted mini monsters
and more.

All displayed pieces will be available for sale with Jeffrey present all
evening to answer questions. The artist is also available to do custom
work through Horrorbles

6729 w. Roosevelt Rd.
Berwyn, IL 60402

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