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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Tonight is the Night/Tuesday
If you have never been to Cigars and Stripes, tonight is your night, Tuesday night. Come, support the arts and yourself. Berwyn is full of fine artists, so come on down.

Fine art is defined as: expressed in the production of art objects using visual and performing art forms, including painting, sculpture, music, dance, theatre, architecture, photography and printmaking.

All the guitarists, bassists, drummers, pianists, actors/actresses, poets, graphic designers, photographers, dancers, singers, architects, sculptures, painters, comic book makers, documentarians, maker of guitars, maker of children's' clothes, etc.: come on down!

Tonight is the night to enjoy, drink Berwyn's most unique beers in Berwyn's most unique setting. If no one shows, then all the energy put into pushing Berwyn's fine artists is all in vain. You are all here, be it your primary job or secondary or hobby.

Watch a performance of Cask of Amontillado. View The Raven and Bride of Frankenstein. Be haunted by the ghost that is said to inhabit Cigars and Stripes.

7 pm or thereafter. One block east of Oak Park, north side, on Ogden.

Whether you are a fine artist or not, join us!

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