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Friday, April 10, 2009
Words In Motion Festival
Blurred Vision, through April 11, 2009

Growing up with a disability, the crapshoot of healthcare and the power of storytelling form self-proclaimed hypochondriac, Tekki Lomnicki. Also featuring M.K. Victorson.

Today, 7:30 pm, 4-11-09, at 5 and 8 pm

Mixing It Up

Marilyn Campbell and Maria Merrin share their true mother/daughter saga about mixing the races, feminism, hair products and single motherhood in our time.

4-16-09 7:30 pm
4-18-09 5:00 pm
4-24-09 7:30 pm
4-25-09 8:00 pm

The Me, Mom & Dad Show!

An intergenerational romp! Martie Sanders and her folks reveal hilarious moments of parental imprinting, along with history, race politics, and a winning tap dance by 79-year old Charlie.

4-17-09 7:30 pm
4-18-09 8:00 pm
4-23-09 7:30 pm
4-25-09 5:00 pm $16.00 a ticket

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