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Monday, April 06, 2009
Below is why I could never vote for a Democrat in Berwyn. According to his logic, since I am not running to be re-elected as an Alderperson, then I have no right to speak about politics. Gotta love a democracy. And he wants to be my latex salesman? At the bottom, I again list Park and School recommendations. Only one more day.

You voted against it know it is a air tight un-winnable law suite waiting to happen. Do you not think that they purposely picked this town and location before going forward? A good lawyer would have ran this twelve ways to Sunday before picking this exact location. I assume the one they have is smarter than you.
The Mayor has never presented "all the facts" in his whole life! Only his side of the coin, what makes you think he is going to start now?!!

The mayor has not invited "all the alderpeople" I know, I sent out the notice. He only invite 1,4,6 & 7. Check your facts councilor, oh that's right, attorneys are not required to tell the truth, just win the case!

Why now, why not 3 months ago and the meeting could have taken place a city hall, in front of the ZBA where only the owners of the clinic showed up! That's what zoning hearings are for! ????????????????? It seems that OC can get away with this one now, it's close enough to the election and besides, he now has the expert advice of your neighbor Jerry for the election campaign. I heard he is OC unofficial campaign director, maybe you can clarify that for me?

Are you going to be around in 10-12 months when this shit hits the fan with litigation. Are you willing to contest this Federal Law suite to the tune of $200,000+ just to get to the door step of a Federal court? Or is this another one that you suggest settling for $50,000 to 60,000, but start at $20,000 and see if they bite? Are you willing to roll the dice like OC does?

As stated in my reply to the mayor, he is a disgrace to his office and you are too! I tell you what, instead of you showing up on Wed., go roll a fresh one and invite Joel over and have a good laugh!

Like I said, go ahead and name names, but remember, I can too! OC is going to make this the dirtiest election in Berwyns history and there has been a lot of dirty ones, but you have not been around long enough to know. While you and I were running around like two goody two shoes for OC in 2005, he was engaged in some pretty nasty shit behind the scenes. Well, I was keeping my ears and eyes open all the while and I still have only figured out half of what was going on to this day, but I am a lot wiser and better at it now! I'll fight back this time and I won't wait until he throws the first stone (he did that with Bruce in my office months ago.) WAKE UP MARK, HE IS A TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT!

Once again, if you are not going to put your name on the ballot, then don't name names. If you want to get out there on the front lines, then be my guess. I truly believe you have those rose colored glasses on. I am in there everyday and I see all of OC's bullshit on a regular basis. Don't sit on the sidelines or on the outside looking in, believing in all the purple bullshit and then think for one second that you have the pulse on anything. You want to stick your nose in this election, go ahead, but don't be upset when I name names!


PS you have no clue how or what happened prior to you moving to Berwyn. You have little clue on this adminstration has dragged us down into the pits and if you don't plan on running to carry this town into the future, then butt out!!!!!!!!!!!

District 100 School Board

New blood is needed:

Paul Crowe - new blood
Diego Estrella - new blood
Joanne Zendol(reliable leader)

Berwyn Park District

Ana Rios

District 201

Mark Titzer
Theodore Korbos

I also kindly urge you to vote for the IVB, which is closest to my beliefs and ideals. Hopefully, some of the things I was not able to accomplish, can be accomplished with a better IVB slate.

Also, one referendum:

"Shall the Mayor and the Berwyn City Council Pass an Ordinance establishing Locational Restrictions for Medical Clinics located adjacent to Residential Neighborhoods in the City of Berwyn?" Most people would vote yes on this as they do not want a medical clinic just anywhere. I plan on voting yes.

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