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Thursday, April 02, 2009
1st and 2nd Ward/Park District
Things to think about if you have not yet voted.

The independent running in the first ward, Frank Amaro, currently a Berwyn Park District commissioner and a strong republican, voted to put a 120 foot cell tower in Proksa Park. Additionally, he is very close to Senator Martin Sandoval and Senator Sandoval is attempting to gain influence in Berwyn, I believe.

Additionally, the current Alderwoman, Nona Chapman, as many know, voted to have a methadone clinic put in the Depot District, right next to a pediatrician's office.

No common sense. But then, my grandmother always said, "common sense is not common".

In the Second Ward, democratic candidate Jeff Boyajian, currently the President of the Berwyn Park District, also voted to put a 120 foot cell tower in Proksa Park.

No common sense.

Finally, for the Berwyn Park District, it is time for new blood. Ed Karasek has been on the Park District for more than thirty years I believe. While Ed is a nice person, and I respect him, again, it is time for new blood.

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