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Friday, April 03, 2009
16th Street Theater
Words in Motion Festival.

Get rid of all the political hot air and get some fresh air for the month of May at the 16th Street Theater.

Words. Movement. Imagination. True tales brough to life.

Do not miss Chicago performers Tekki Lomnicki, Marilyn Campbell and Maria Merrin, and Martie Sanders in the Theater's second annual Words in Motion Festival from now through April 25, 2009.

Pick your favorite show, or see all three: Blurred Vision, Mixing It Up and The Me, Mom & Dad Show!

Blurred Vision - Tekki Lomnicki
Weekends Now through April 11, 2009

Mixing It Up - Marilyn Campbell & Maria Merrin
April 16 to the 25th

The Me, Mom & Dad Show! - Martie Sanders
April 16 to the 25th

Too bad you never used this blog to discuss issues in your ward. So long.
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