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Sunday, January 11, 2009
December 2008 City Council Recap
There will be no tax increase for the City of Berwyn in 2009.

The City now owns the old police station site, which is located at the northeast corner of Wesley and 26th Street.

There are supposed to be two new sergeants promoted in the police force. This has been an issued mired in politics. Time will tell what happens.

New police officers have been hired: both new, new officers and those that have prior experience.

La Notte Cafe, Horrorbles/Friendly Tap are businesses getting TIF monies for renovations.

The Ethics Commission in Berwyn, is now fully functional. Three persons were approved by the City Council by unanimous vote.

As always, more took place, but the above are the major highlights.

As the political campaign season gets moving, with a primary set at the end of February, and another election in April, 2009, everyone is posturing much more so than normal, although most of the elected persons have been posturing since day one.

Or not.

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