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Thursday, November 27, 2008
November 2008 City Council Recap
The general contractor for the depot parking garage has been approved. Groundbreaking should be hopefully by the end of the year.

Water rates on your bill will be going up 10 percent. Chicago raised its cost to us, so we raise it to you.

And, under the contract with Waste Management, trash collection rates will be going up next year 5.2%.

And, the City will be voting to possibly raise property taxes next year up to five percent. Sadly, even this possible increase will not afford the City to break even in next year's budget.

Finally, City vehicle stickers may go up in price next June. Time will tell.

There is your financial news for the City. Should be no surprise to anyone.

Three new police officers have been given permission to be hired by the police chief.

The Department of Justice has sent the City a letter indicating more than three quarter of a million dollars was misspent in 2004 and 2005 under the asset forfeiture program. This was money spent by the Public Safety Director. Thank you Mr. Marzullo. Did the interim police chief misspend the monies? I do not know. Ultimately, however much money was misspent will have to be paid back the the US government.

The new firehouse on 16th Street will be open in the next couple of months.

Miracle on 22nd Street will be occurring on December 20, 2008 courtesy of "Main Street".

There will be a non-binding referendum on "medical clinics" on the April, 2009 ballot.

That is all the news fit to print. Or not.

Happy holiday!

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