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Sunday, September 07, 2008
City Council Recap, Aug. 26, 2008
Besides the referendum shenanigans, not much else to report. As I previously wrote, the referendum to make Berwyn non-partisan will not be on the November, 2008 ballot.

All the public works' employees that were laid off have now been reinstated, subject to certain goals and committments.

It should be noted that a Public Works' employee damaged a truck to the tune of $20,000.00 because he forgot that the truck would not fit under an underpass.

The parking garage is very close to being built; should be before the end of the year.

Finally, if you believe you have a business to open up at the Harlem Avenue train station, such as coffee or doughnuts or anything else, you should immediately contact the Director of the Berwyn Development Corporation so you can put in your proposal:

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