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Monday, July 14, 2008
To Name Names, or Not To Name Names
The votes are in. Ironically, when I began this blog, I named names.

Votes to name names:

Mark please consider naming names, I am so tired of reading about our alderpeople who cant get along, I need to know who is really doing what.

While I agree with some comments and disagree with others, I think it's VERY VALUABLE to your constituency that you are so active with keeping us posted. Variances in opinions here and there are not so important as the fact that your blog let's your constituency know you are active and paying attention.

Um, Mark, who do ya think you're talking to? Name names, and do it in the classy professional way you do everything else. Just as with raising (or teaching) children, you give them plenty of warnings and plenty of chances to get it right before you lower the boom. I could probably guess at some of the names anyway, and my tally shouldn't count for much because you already know I'm firmly in your corner in our 3rd Ward Shire. We hobbits stick together and only go out and slay the dragons when we've run out of reasonable alternatives. Given that informational nugget, does my vote count twice?

I vote for "kiss and tell"....

Mark: I must be a little behind on the information. Why are city workers being let go? Name names if you have to. then we know who to vote for and who not to. Hang in there.

please, name them!

Name names. As we we get closer it will be imperative in order for people to speak up. Initials keep things safer too.

Mark, you have strong instincts, listen to yourself. Don't give in to the egos that want to be stroked. You've done a terrific job so far. Mark, naming names is fine with me. I know I don't have to say this but with email you never what is getting forwarded where so be careful.

To obtain a complete picture of what transpires in the city, I depend on your blog and those of others for information no longer available through the three and perhaps even four newspapers that "cover" the city. Electioneering started quite some months ago, and whether you choose to run again or not I think you owe it to yourself to defend against personal attacks.

Oh, c'mon, Mark Stop teasing us... Name the names already! (like we don't know)
Sure why not - nothing should be so scary that it can't be talked about, and public record is public, one should always consider that. Happy Fourth and Thanx as always.

Mark; I enjoy and appreciate the brief Blogs you send out. Put me down as wanting to see specific names attached to your coments. I feel there are too many unfinished business affairs hanging fire, for whatever reasons I do not believe that it is wrong to state names, as long as there is no name calling or decent into ad hominem attacks. Anyone that engages in those attacks should be taken down immediately.

Yes, I would like you to be more specific by naming names. There is enough secrecy all the time. I think you have the b____ to stand up to these people. I certainly hope so anyway. I am so sorry that I am not physically able to be more active with the town events, but quite frankly I am turned off by all the going ons. I worked with unions all my working life and back them quite heavily, but if the money is not there to pay these people, what other choice is there? I hate to see anyone lose their job, but these people need to be realistic. In this day and age there is so much downsizing, why would these people protest as long as it was a fair layoff (seniority wise). I could go on and on but let me end with saying-- It seems that the wanna be Mayor is really an a__.

Please point out the rotten apples, as the sales pitch was at Wrigley Field when I was a kid
" You can't tell the players without a scorecard"

Regarding your request for feedback about 'naming names'. One imagines a helpful 'recap' would follow like minutes IE 'Alderperson Smith vehemently objected'. Frankly, I have no idea who you are talking about unless names are included - and it makes it harder to take any of it seriously.

Keeping things professional and naming names can arguably happen together. IE 'When I suggested to Alderperson Smith that he was grandstanding in the hopes of some future political objective, he responded by calling me a name that I would not care to print.' This would be preferable to me to 'Mayor-wannabe threatened to slash my tires' - or anything that one might characterize as (as you put it) 'bitch and moan'.

This is one voter's opinion (from outside your district) - and I do find the blog helpful as a significant source for information re: what happens in the City govt.
I'm in favor of naming names!

Not to Name Names

I know it's tempting to name names, but stick to taking the higher

Mark, Take it from someone who has been involved in politics a little---don't name names !

Unless you think it is necessary for reelection purposes I think it is best to take the upper road and not name names. In a town that embarasses me every time I read an article about us in the Tribune someone has to be the one who starts us on the track to respectability and is above all of this patronage and corruption people in Chicago are generally numb to.

As we Scots sing, "you take the high road...", and let them have the low road. Hang in there, Mark!!!

You've all ways been a class act. Not an easy feat considering the 'company' you've had to keep while in office. Please don't let a handfull of sanctimonious bozos (of the inebriated variety, especially...) entice you to be anything but the class act you've always been.What they are doing/saying really says more about their character and moral fiber (or lack thereof...) than yours. Can you try just pressing on as usual by just staying on that high road you prefer? That alone should given them enough rope to eventually hang themselves and be way less stress on you.

Don't let them compromise your moral, ethical, or professional standards. You are admired by those that matter because you don't stoop to that level. I think you should ditch alderman and run for mayor.

Keep up the good work Mark!

Last, but certainly not least:

Once again, if you are not going to put your name on the ballot, then don't name names. If you want to get out there on the front lines, then be my guess. I truly believe you have those rose colored glasses on. I am in there everyday and I see all of OC's bullshit on a regular basis. Don't sit on the sidelines or on the outside looking in, believing in all the purple bullshit and then think for one second that you have the pulse on anything. You want to stick your nose in this election, go ahead, but don't be upset when I name names!
PS you have no clue how or what happened prior to you moving to Berwyn. You have little clue on this adminstration has dragged us down into the pits and if you don't plan on running to carry this town into the future, then butt out!!!!!!!!!!!

You be the Judge.

Keep up the good work Mark!

It seems that anyone who would object to being named would have something to hide. As long as the information is truthful and factual, I can't see why any honorable person should object to it being known. I wouldn't trust them if they did.
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