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Friday, July 04, 2008
City Council Recap, June 24, 2008
Much of the meeting involved the proposed lay-offs of 15 City workers. As of today, 5 Public Works employees have been laid off. Consequently, the meeting was very acrimonious. Became very personal; very heated. Time will tell what happens.

I do know that I was attacked by a Mayor-wannabe. He complains that the current Mayor is not professional, then he attacks me at the meeting, and via email later in the week. You can't have it both ways. I have not been naming names, but I am very close to becoming personal and stooping to a lower level. I apologize when I get personal and lose my temper(very rarely). Would be nice to have the same courtesy.

Because, too, I was emailed by another Alderperson complaining about my blog. I know you read it. My visitors to this blog have gone up incredibly over the past six weeks; ever since people started getting serious about the next election.

There you have it. I do give my best, but it is difficult and I know you do not want to hear me bitch and moan. If you would like me to start naming names, simply email me and I shall take a tally and decide.

The July 8, 2008 meeting should be loads of fun. Or not.

Oh, c'mon, Mark Stop teasing us... Name the names already! (like we don't know...LOL!)

Mark, you have strong instincts, listen to yourself. Don't give in to the egos that want to be stroked. You've done a terrific job so far. Please consider throwing your hat back into the cauldron.
Keep up the good work Mark!
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