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Sunday, June 15, 2008
City Council Recap, June 10, 2008
We have a new Finance Director, actually approved by the City Council.

The Village of Oak Park recognized Berwyn for our Centennial.

There will be a couple of new parking ordinances put in place. The orginal idea, put forward by the Police Department and City Collector was to get rid of two visitors parking passes for each home, since they are abused by many homeowners who use the visitor passes instead of obtaining a city vehicle sticker. But, the Alderpersons' twisted logic will not prevent the abuse.

People will still be allowed two visitor parking passes per household. Anything above two, and the homeowner would have to pay for a booklet of one use passes. Bottom line, people will still abuse the visitor parking passes and no one will buy the booklets. Nothing accomplished.

What may happen in the future, my original idea, of course, proposed by another Alderperson as if a new idea would make Berwyn, like some other municipalities, a "No overnight parking" city. This would mean that to legally park in Berwyn overnight, you would have to have a city sticker, guest parking permit or sticker from the booklet. Time will tell.

That is about it. Remember, that additional Centennial festivities continue on Monday: a citywide evening ice cream social at 34th and Grove.

Then, on the 18th, behind Cermak Plaza, next to Morton High School, there will be bands, food, carnival I believe, through Sunday the 22nd.

I will post the schedule at another time.

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