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Thursday, August 16, 2007
Zoning Board of Appeals, August 21, 2007
There is a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 at City Hall.

At least two very interesting items will be discussed.

First, the owner of the property at Windsor and Home, which currently has a lawyer/accountant office and a daycare center, wants to put a church in the vacant spot where the costume shop resided. This is not a good thing. A restaurant would be ideal.

Second, where Berwyn Finer Foods currently resides, on Cermak, a national Dollar store wants to go in. Again, in my humble opinion, not a good thing.

Support a better Berwyn. Let the Board know your thoughts.

I will try and remind everyone one more time.

So, be there; or not.

Mark, what time is the meeting, and how can we voice our opinion if we cannot attend?
Mark, thanks for reminding everyone about the zoning meeting. I've emailed info about the prospective "church" to the mayor and all the aldermen. A simple web search for "the potters house" or it's larger association "Christian Fellowship Ministries" reveals some scary stuff. Not what I want to see a block from my family, much less next to a daycare center!! It goes without saying that those plans would be a step backwards for the Depot District.
I attended tonight's meeting and was pleased to see that this storefront church will not be a part of the depot district. However, the bigger question is "what now?". This landlord has received a lot of tif money and is doing a terrible job marketing the property to the types of businesses we need in the depot district. We need to hold his feet (and those who approved the tif money) to the fire. There are many options for this stretch of the district: creative retailers, coffee shop, yoga studio, small health club, doctor or dental office, restaurant, etc. Quite frankly, the current line up of the day care center and tanning studio is not cutting it. Give us reason to patronize our town rather than going to Oak Park or La Grange.
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