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Sunday, August 26, 2007
City Council Recap, August 14 ,2007
There is now an agreement in place between the City and the Berwyn Main Street program.

So far, no concensus or plan for Berwyn's 100th birthday party next year.

Public Works was given permission to hire two new employees: a street superintendant and a water superintendant.

Maureen Brocato's worker compensation case is on its way to settlement. The City Council paved the way for the case to be settled. However, she was not appointed to be the next 5th Ward Alderperson.

Accessory buildings, i.e., sheds, gazebos, etc., now have an updated ordinance. Someone basically built a house, meant to be a shed, in their backyard and this amendment to the ordinance was passed in response.

The city has approved an eminent domain law firm, if needed.

The Finance Director keeps doing little things to profesionally improve how her department is run.

That is all for now.

Next meeting is Tuesday, August 28, 2007, 8 pm; Committee of the Whole at 6 pm.

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