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Monday, August 27, 2007
Berwyn Finer Foods
Berwyn Finer Foods not closing; owner says dollar store deal dead

By Cari Brokamp,
Berwyn Life
Fri Aug 24, 2007, 02:40 PM CDT

Berwyn, IL -

The entrance of another dollar store to a crucial business district in the city is off, as Berwyn Finer Foods will remain open for business.

According to John Mitchell, owner of Berwyn Finer Foods, his locally run grocery store will remain open for business indefinitely. He said any deal with Family Dollar, which was set to be discussed by the zoning board next month, is now off.

“We cater to the whole community in Berwyn,” Mitchell said. “We have many different ethnic food items. We don’t just cater to (one group).”

Mitchell said he was in discussions with a developer who wanted to put a Family Dollar into the store, at 6323 Cermak Road, if they received a zoning variance for the property. The variance was set to be discussed at a meeting last week, but was deferred to a meeting next month, at the request of the discount store.

Now, Mitchell said he will not be selling the property, which has been home to Berwyn Finer Foods for more than a decade. He said he plans to keep his doors open, and hopes to continue offering the community a better selection than other local grocery stores.

“Everyone says our meat department is the best in the area,” Mitchell said. “It’s fresh, and we get new meat loads every day. It’s just good quality.”

Officials from the Berwyn Main Street program, a group working on revitalizing Cermak Road, were against the Family Dollar store coming to the community. They said they thought the opening of another dollar store in the area was contrary to the mission of the economic redevelopment program.

Main Street program officials said they would prefer to have a variety of unique retailers, such as Berwyn Finer Foods, in the business district, rather than low-end discount chain stores.

“As Main Street, we would definitely like to see a grocery store staying open on Cermak Road,” said Sean Gallagher, interim executive director of the program. “If (John Mitchell’s store) is staying open, we’d like to try to work with him in any way we could to promote his business and ... make him more of a destination grocery store.”

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