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Monday, July 23, 2007
No Smoking Law
Pity. Not! I do not always agree with Springfield, but obviously, I believe in this law. Should be a tremendous revenue-generating source for Berwyn. I am sure no facility in Berwyn will abide by the State law. Illinois joins 22 other states I believe.

State smoking ban signed
Updated: 9:15 PM

Beginning in January, 2008, the new law will kick smokers out of bars, restaurants and just about every other public place.

Feel free to read my original posting below:

City Council, Feb. 27, 2007 Addendum

I forgot. The smoking ordinance was passed. I voted against it, since it really does not do anything to clean up the air. Alderman Ramos also voted against it.

Bottom line, you can smoke in bars, bowling alleys, coffee shops and in bar area of restaurants. You can smoke in bingo facilities and beer gardens.

So, bottom line, all the private interests were catered to.

If the State passes a law against smoking that is like Cook County's law, then apparently, Berwyn will lose all of its businesses. And, according to the non-scientific and anecdotal evidence, every bar, restaurant, coffee shop and bowling alley will go out of business in the State of Illinois if Illinois passes a comprehensive no smoking ordinance. Bunk is all I can say.

Smokers-continue to smoke as you have. I am not sure why this new ordinance is entitled "establishing clean indoor air standards...", when all it does is do just the opposite.

Second hand smoke is only a myth in Berwyn.And, to top it all off, here is the section on bar areas: Bar areas must be separately vented, if feasible, and be situated so that air from the Bar Area is not drawn in or across any nonsmoking areas. My bet is it will never be feasible.

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