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Monday, July 23, 2007
July 10, 2007 City Council Meeting
Great things happened at this meeting!

We are getting bids on the oversight of the parking garage in the Depot District.

A multi-family license will now be required for all those property-owners that own 5 units or more in one building. This means that the City will have the right to inspect the public parts of the building and some of the units in the building. Great stuff!

People will now be allowed to have six foot fences, that is, five solid feet and a one foot trellis at the top.

The Depot District now has a retail overlay component, which means the City is striving to push retail development in the Depot District.

There will now be more reasons to have your vehicle impounded in Berwyn besides the noise ordinance. Bottom line, if you value your vehicle, do not break the law.

The best news is that Berwyn will have a regional housing authority, run by the Oak Park Regional Housing Authority. This means that landlords will have an incentive to have nice buildings and that tenants will have a place to go to to find rental housing. I like to call it a tenant clearing house.

Next meeting, Tuesday, July 24, 2007.

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