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Monday, June 25, 2007
City Council recap, June 12, 2007
Two people were appointed to the Roosevelt Rd. Advisory Committee, the Committee that will work with Oak Park and Cicero to help redevelop Roosevelt Rd.

The Ace Hardware on Ogden will receive a $45,000.00 commercial loan, payable in five years at 4% rate. This money will be used to replace an obsolete point-of-sale computer system.

Six of seven residents were appointed to the Historical Preservation Committee; at least three of whom are from the 3rd Ward.

The two Library Board members from the 3rd Ward were finally officially appointed to the Library Board.

The Police Department was approved to hire two Booking Officers and one Community Service Officer.

An ordinance concerning auxiliary police officers was amended to comply with Illinois Law.

The City appointed a new Financial Advisor to replace the current Financial Advisor so that the City may properly issue bonds. The old Advisor shall become the underwriter of the bonds.

A re-write of the ad seeking a Traffic Engineer was approved. Hopefully, we will be able to hire a good Traffic Engineer in the near future.

We have been negotiating with the Public Works union for more than 1.5 years. The council voted 4-3 to implement the City's best and final offer.

How can I find out about the next meeting?
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