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Saturday, May 05, 2007
April 25, 2007 City Council Meeting
Ordinances will be prepared for approval vote regarding increasing fines for cannabis possession-- per Chief Kushner's request to, "Increase fines to 'something meaningful' -- to help better enforce ZERO tolerance." Fines had not been increased since 1994.

An additional Graffiti Removal Technician will soon be on board at the Police Department.

Police Chief Kushner's request to create an Alarm Users (Businesses & residential) Permit and new fee (for false alarms) was referred for further discussion. Currently, there is NO permit fee in effect for alarm users. Other municipalities issue a sticker that results in quite a nice hunk of revenue annually. Some municipalities have a Three strikes/false alarms = ticket rule in place. Request is to double existing fees for false alarms and require annual sticker. False alarms do 'cost' the City a lot -- while diverting police attention from other situations.

Alderman Brocato's widow was not approved by the Alderpeople. 4 against, 3 for.

Alderperson Chapman dropped her override of the Mayor's veto concerning the Library, which essentially means that two more good citizens have been added to the Library Board; 3rd Ward citizens at that.

The daytime curfew passed. This is another tool for our police department. If there is school, then those who should be in school must not be on the streets.

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