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Monday, April 16, 2007
Tuesday, April 17, 2004 Election
Please vote. The High School vote is the most important, but all the races are important.

District 201 Morton High School, 2 year term: Theodore "Ted" P. Korbos

District 201 Morton High School, 4 year term: Mark Titzer, Thomas E. McLain, Eduardo Rios

South Berwyn School District 100, elementary and middle grade schools: Diego Estrella, Jim Swicionis, Anthony Harris

Morton College District 527 for 2 year term: I can not recommend anyone

MortonCollege District 527 for 6 year term Elmo "Gabe" Gonzalez

Berwyn Park District: Frank Amaro, Jeff Boyajian

Township District 39: Lou Angelino

Finally, there is a referendum for Township District 39. Please vote to get rid of this obscure form of government; this goes back to the time of horse and buggy.

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