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Sunday, February 11, 2007
City Council Meeting, January 23, 2007
There were 54 items on the agenda. The meeting was very personal and political, which I am afraid, will more than likely be the modus operandi for the remainder of my term(April 2009).

As usual, I will write about the matters that count.

The Aldermanic Committees were changed, with a dramatic re-shuffle. I am now in charge of the Budget Committee. We are hoping to vote on the budget the first meeting in March, rather than the last meeting. For next year, I would actually like to approve the budget at the end of this year. Time will tell. With a new finance director who is very good, this is certainly a great possibility.

There is an amended retail overlay district for Cermak Road. Essentially, what this means, is that retail businesses are preferred on Cermak, rather than banks or mortgage companies. Coupled with Main Street, I am hopeful Cermak Road will become a great street, far from what it is now.

We are getting very close to having the automated ticket generator at four intersections in Berwyn. I caution you that you do not want to run a red light in Berwyn. I will tell everyone when everything is up and working and legal.

So, out of 54 items, that is it. There are 62 items on the February 13, 2007 agenda. Many highly charged items. Woe is me.

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