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Sunday, September 17, 2006
City Council Meeting, September 12, 2006
The Library received bids on replacing variable air volume terminals and a rooftop cooling water tower.
We also received three bids for the Library parking lot. So, the lot better be paved and done by Halloween. The lot is in the 3rd Ward and we did receive a grant for the new lot, bounded by Riverside, 28th and Maple.
TIF monies will be given to James & Williams Jewelers on Cermak Road for new brick pavers, new roof, a/c unit and interior remodeling.
The City approved the first ever contract between the City and City Hall workers.
The City Council will hold a hearing on the MacNeal Hospital parking garage.
An Ethics Ordinance is in the works. This would give the City the vehicle to make sure that every worker, including the Alderpeople, disclose their employers, 2nd employers, businesses owned, etc.
The Library Board is once again full. A gentleman from the 1st Ward was appointed. His daytime job is being a staffmember at the American Library Association.
The new Landscape Ordinance was passed.
The City has hired a Financial Advisor. This company will help us re-do our bonds, the parking garage financing, and any other financial obligations of the City.
Ice Cream sellers, in the trucks, will now be required to have fingerprint checks.
You are now allowed to have two garage/yard sales a year.
Beer gardens are now allowed to be open one hour later. I voted against this. During the week, outdoor beer gardens can now be open until 11 pm. I do not think this is fair for any adjacent residents. On Friday and Saturday, beer gardens can now be open until midnight.

There will be a Third Ward Town Hall meeting in late October. I once again am seeking volunteers to pass out flyers before then. If you have volunteered before, please volunteer again and contact me either be replying to this blog post or at my email MarkWeiner1@Hotmail.Com As always, thank you for your help ahead of time.

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