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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
City Council Meeting, August 22, 2006
There were supposed to be 3 different bids for work on the Library. Unfortunately, only the roof was bid on.
The Berwyn Development Corporation will be looking into the City parking ordinances, signs and enforcement issues.
The BDC also sent a communication on diagonal parking in residential areas, which will be discussed at a later date. The BDC feels that if a resident or owner of a building wants diagonal parking put in in a parkway, then that resident or owner should hire a professional parking engineering examiner to decide.
A letter of intent will be signed engaging Redspeed to begin looking into the automatic tickets/cameras.
The City has also hired a company to help the City obtain electricity. A new process is about to begin in the state of Illinois wherein there will be many electric companies able to supply electricity. This company will attempt to secure the best price for Berwyn; not for the residents, but for the City.
The City is now looking into establishing a Housing Authority. I will be actively involved in this pursuit. Long overdue.
A proclomation was approved, which will enable us to submit our application to be considered a "Main Street" by the State, wherein if allowed, we are elgible for State monies. This is for the Cermak corridor only.
The budget committee was given the go-ahead to interview Financial Advisors. I am happy to say we interviewd 3 companies on Monday, the 28th, and we selected a company, which will help us re-finance, get us through the depot garage, and get our City a good bond rating.
We also approved hiring 3 more lateral police officers. We will have hired 9 new officers this year.
We also gave approval for the demolition of buildings at Roosevelt and East for the condo project. Finally.

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