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Friday, May 05, 2006
City Council Meeting, April 25, 2006
The IHDA affordable housing program is going to be established in Berwyn. It should be a very positive program.
The proposed ordinance to limit time and frequency of meetings has been referred to the Committee of the Whole, as well as, the Goal Setting Seminar.
The Mayoral appointments of all Department Heads, as well as, an ordinance concerning the appointment procedure, was referred to the Committee of the Whole.
The City will be getting a 2 million dollar check from Chicago since Chicago over-charged the City for water use. Additionally, another 2.7 million will be credited over four bills. No resident was over-charged for water. The citizens pay the City of Berwyn and the City of Berwyn pays the City of Chicago. The City was ripped off, but not the citizens.
If anyone has any ideas on garbage collection, please share them with me. The Waste Management contract is up at the end of the year, and the City will be soliciting a better deal with a waste company and will be advertising for such.
The big brouhaha concerned the Library Director, who had been fired by the Mayor. The Director, by an 8-0 vote, was voted to stay as Director.
"Integrity of City Government", as placed on the floor by the 1st Ward Alderwoman, was referred to the Administration Committee.
The Administration Committee has a couple things on the floor, but all went back for more study. The gas key issue, which is mine(I would like no Alderperson to use City gas for free), was sent to the Fleet Manager for a gas usage report. Very frustrating.
Another communication, sent out of the Admin. Committee for a minute, concerned a smoke free workplace. A no-brainer to some, apparently difficult for others.
The Fire Union contract will be voted on at the May 9, 2006 meeting. It has been passed by the Fire Union, and is fair to the Union and to the residents.
A parade, for Cartopia, to be held the same day as the 3rd Ward Picnic, June 24, 2006, was okayed by the City Council.

That is all for now. I always strive to remain objective, since this meeting and the one before it, was quite contentious.

Things are progressing in the City.

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