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Thursday, October 06, 2005
City Council Meeting, September 27, 2005
We are in the process of entering an agreement with Cicero concerning gangs.
The Council approved the TIF request for Buona Beef. It was for only one of the three things it was originally asking for because Buona Beef already completed one of the projects.
All Berwyn employees are going through harrasment and discrimination training.
The classes for liquor/entertainment licenses have been modified.
Oak Park Avenue between Ogden and Pershing will allegedly be re-paved before winter. That is the idea.
I have been trying to get gas keys out of the hands of Alderpeople. Currently, only two have them, but I want to make it so no one even has the choice. I was going to be nice and defer the issue to the Committe of the Whole, because the Budget(I sit on) Committee had finished with the issue. The Budget Committee voted 2-1 to keep the gas keys. In any case, the matter was sent to the Administration Committee. I did not realize that when I put this on the floor to begin with, the matter was referred to both Budget and Admin. I will keep pushing for a resolution; good or bad.
A new stop sign is being put in place on Clarence, at the intersection of 27th Street.
Also, two yield signs are being taken down on 29th Street, and two stop signs were just put in on Home, at that intersection.
The Council also decided to lease two vans for five years from Pace for the Seniors. More to come on this. After five years, the City would pay one dollar to own them.
Finally, we are investigating the best and most efficient way to maintain our computers and hard drives.
There was certainly more communications and issues on the floor. I have tried to stick to 3rd Ward or City issues, as opposed to other Wards.

As always, if you would like to be Neighborhood Watch Captain, please notify me or go to the Police Station for an application.

3rd Ward Town Hall Meeting set for October 24, 2005, at 7 pm at the Presbyterian Church at 32nd and Clinton.

I'm working closely with Congressman Daniel Lipinski's office in a relief effort for the Gulf Coast disaster. We will be taking truckloads of supplies to Ocean View, Mississippi on Oct. 20 and will be returning Oct. 24. Catherine in Mr Lipinski's office is the point person, and she can be reached at 708-424-0853 from 8 am to 10 pm. Catherine quit her job to volunteer for this project, and has organized firemen, policemen & Teamsters to go with us. I'm always available at 708-788-5514. All donations are welcome, and volunteers to box & pack the trucks we are taking are greatly appreciated.
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