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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Berwyn Ice Cream Shop
I had heard this place was good, but never been there. Now, I must go since it is in the 3rd Ward; barely, but it is. Now, if it had parking...

I've driven by this place but didn't realize it was this good. I'm going! And another good article by the Trib about Berwyn_________________AT PLAY ON ICEI SCREAM! For 101 flavors, from agave to fig to cucumber diabloAllison BenediktPublished August 25, 2005, Chicago TribuneHey, you. Yeah, you. Put down that pint of Ben & Jerry's. Put. It. Down. And don't even think about heading over to Cold Stone Creamery, where an hour wait gets you ... what? Karate-chopped ice cream?Give your taste buds a boost by heading to Paleteria y Neveria ("Flamingos") in Berwyn, where husband-and-wife Alberto and Guadalupe Lopez offer 101 homemade flavors, from sweet potato to cheese. Take that, Baskin "31" Robbins!Born in Mexico but schooled in the finer points of ice cream in Italy, Guadalupe says her ice cream is different from the American glop we shovel in because it's all natural and because she and hubby, with a little help from their three daughters, stir by hand, which reduces the air and creates a very solid, albeit light, scoop.I would never suggest taking too much advantage of the Lopez's generous tasting policy, but don't be afraid to request many tiny spoonfuls before choosing your just dessert. "I don't want anyone to buy without trying," Guadalupe told me. So, of course, I obliged. And from my mouth to yours, a few recommendations:Avocado, a smooth, sweet and salty ice cream that would fit in both after dinner and during; coconut, with thick, sweet coconut shavings throughout; fig, mmmm, rich in flavor yet light in texture; nance, named after its predominant ingredient, a cherry-like fruit grown just outside Mexico City; agave, which gives you the rich flavor of tequila without the buzz; guanabana, made with a fruit from Puerto Vallarta; and the kicker, cucumber diablo, an icy, spicy treat.Guadalupe is clearly proud of her ice cream empire--OK, empire might be pushing it, but in addition to the 5-month-old Flamingos in Berwyn (6733 W. Cermak Rd., 708-749-4287), with its bright red booths and yellow retro kitchen chairs, there's a shop at 2635 W. 51 St. and Guadalupe delivers her homemade confections to Evanston city hall. But what she's most proud of? "No one ever needs a glass of water.",1,1218058.story

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