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Friday, July 29, 2005
City Council Meeting July 26, 2005
We had discussed extensively at the COW meeeting right before City Council about the nail salon moratorium. The first thing on the agenda was to allow a new nail salon on Ogden Avenue. That was voted down.
Diagonal parking and the cutting down of trees was deferred at a condo conversion building at 6701 West 21st. I am confident the units will sell regardless. This was a big deal only because the owner of the building is a close friend of the Mayor. Unfortunately for the owner, who I feel for, he was damned under the previous administration, and now, damned under this one. Of course, for two totally different reasons.
Waste Management, per contract, will be raising its garbage collecting rates 2% as of August 1, 2005.
The Mayor is seeking an increase of allowable pool tables and video machines at establishments. This was referred to COW. At this point, I am against more video machines.
The depot garage is moving forward. The parking consultants have submitted a contract, etc.
16th Street will be completely re done thanks to a 1.1 million dollar grant.
Police promotions in the future will be handled by an outside, independent firm. The politics will be taken out of the promotion process. Should be a great thing.
A new senior advocate was named, Frank Paduch, Jr., who is being paid for with CDGB monies, not by the City.
A new childcare center will be opening at 7115 Roosevelt. A variance was needed and the Zoning Bd of Appeals approved a variance. Of course, city council had to approve and did.
In the 3rd Ward, yeah, street sweeping signs will be added to Grove between the tracks and 32nd.
Three stop signs will be put up: 28th St. at Home; 32nd St. at Maple and 27th St. at Euclid.
Also, someone had come to me to build an oversize garage to house 3 vehicles, rather than the one car garage that is present. I had told the family to obtain permission from the neighbors, which was done. The council approved this variance on a vote of 4 to 3.
Karbon Park, located behind Anderson Ford, which is an unofficial dog park, will be getting some trash cans for the dog waste. Also, plastic bags will be available. Very animated(no pun intended) conversation on this one. So, it appears I do not have to seek an official dog park. Karbon Park is apparently, now, the unofficial dog park. 2nd Ward location by the way. Kudos to Alderman Jim Santiago Ramos for his bravery in wanting to move forward with this.
The 8th Ward Alderman put out items on health insurance for employees , an occupancy affidavit request and other items intended to help overcrowding. While I am against overcrowding, time will tell how the Alderman's items will be received.
Estimates are also being obtained concerning putting up netting at baseball alley.
Miscellaneous ordinances, three of them, were tweaked a shade.
The biggest item on the agenda, a hiring freeze, passed unanimously-one of the few votes that was unanimous. Although I have grave reservations about the freeze(I have no idea what will happen if, let us say, ten employees were to die tonight-are we allowed to replace them?). I would have liked to have had this item deferred for one meeting so we could get answers. The budget Chairperson, Nona Chapman, had sought the freeze. Needless to say, the Mayor was none too happy. I feel wholeheartedly we will get through the financial problems and move positively forward.
A police mission statement was approved. This is a statement that was worked on by the police and will be hung at the police station. It is very symbolic of the positive change hoping to take place throughout the entire City.
We also received a $500,000.00 grant in the fire department. The money will be used to pay off a loan that was taken for a new fire truck.
A timer will be purchased for City Hall for the heating and cooling. Apparently, the temperature was always the same at City Hall. Now, at night, after meetings, we can conserve some energy.
Finally, due to the financial circumstances of the City, the council approved a 3 million dollar line of credit. I am not happy we had to do this, but we did.

Stay posted. As I stated in my previous post, this was a very lively meeting. Everyone's personality shone through for the first time. A lot of bickering, political fighting and frankly, a little less than professional banter took place. Having said that, everyone remainied fairly calm and the public should know that the Alderpeople have voices and will use them.

Stay tuned. Same Bat channel. Same Bat time.

What is CDGB money?

Is the mayor feeling bad because they over rode his objections to the hiring freeze?
can we get waste management to respect our garbage cans as much as they do oak park's?
What does the 8th ward alderman want to do with health insurance? Does he want more or less? Is it going to cost us more? And has anyone mentioned the fact that a parking ban will begin to take care of the overcrowding issue. YOu know what is worring me? All of the "for rent" signs that going up. I can't remember when I have seen so many. Talk about overcrowding. Do landlords know how many people should be allowed in any of their apartments and do they honor those regs, if there are any?
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