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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
City Council Meeting July 12, 2005
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There were 44 items on the agenda. I will do my normal editing and attempt to write about the interesting matters.

I have now filled my quota on appointing people to the Citizens Advisory Commitee. Go 3rd Ward! Go Berwyn!

Tom Martirano had retired. Instead of replacing him, we will have the next two people be in charge: one of streets and one of water.

My wish to have byob in places that do not have liquor licenses was shot down by the liquor commissioner. I am not done yet. I just need to do some research.

The mayor has asked to increase the amount of amusement devices in places. As it exists, any one place can have five video machines and one pool table. This would be increased, and also at an increased rate pf monies for the license. I have mixed feelings on this. Not in love with the video machine aspect.
As previously announced, I believe, from a COW meeting, the project of 42 condos at East/Roosevelt enters its next stage.
Nora Laureto, the person that ran in the 8th Ward, has been appointed to the Zoning Board of appeals.
The Mayor is interested, as am I, in prosecuting our own DUI cases.
The moratorium on nail salon businesses still exists, but the moratorium has been sent back to study to see if it should be stopped. When it went into affect, there were 55 nail salons. Now, there are 45 in Berwyn. Natural selection?
An owner at 3523 Wesley wanted to build a two flat. The Zoning Board of Appeals did not want that and the Alderpeople agreed.
Jerry Marzullo's grievance was turned down by my Committee at a previous hearing. He wants to be re-instated as a firefighter. He will next have the union take his matter to an Arbitrator for a hearing. I actually heard a couple of very quiet hand claps after this was read.
Alderman Erickson also wants the Berwyn parking problem figured out. Go figure, because at the last meeting, he voted against my wanting to figure out the parking problem.
Alderman Phelan presented two different proposals at two different properties: one was to put in some diagonal parking places in the parkway for a condo conversion. The other, was to build a six flat on a vacant piece of property. Both were referred to the Committee of the Whole. Read the bulletin board, for further details on this one.
Alderman Brocato wants the less fortunate to be able to get into Berwyn pools for free. Love to figure out who is less fortunate. This was referred to the Committee of the Whole.
Finally, a house and garage at 3807 Maple will be demolished for I believe a new house and garage. A teardown in Berwyn?

Why do you want BYOB?
Woohoo!!! A teardown in Berwyn. I'd like to say I'm happy but I'm skeptical. As long as it isn't a bungalow or victorian. Yes, I'm biased.

Also, pool passes for the less fortunate. I think our pool passes are the most affordable. Personally, I think they should charge more and get our pools in decent working order. Freedom Park has the only updated pool in the City. Pavek Pool desperately needs an update. Their bathrooms and locker rooms are filthy and smell terrible all of the time. We need some umbrellas on the deck. They need to spend more money or time training the lifeguards. They like to socialize more than guard. The concession stand needs little upgrade also. Ask me for more money for the pools, please, for nicer, updated pools in Berwyn.
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