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Wednesday, June 15, 2005
June 14, 2005 City Council Meeting
Michele Skryd resigned from Zoning Bd of Appeals and replaced by Robret Fejt.
Donald Erce is appointed to Police Pension Board.
There were numerous people appointed to the Community Relations Commission: Christy Roberts is a 3rd Ward Resident.
Robert Woodyard resigned from Public Works and Goergia Zouvas resigned from the Building Department.
Major commotion on abolishing the occupancy affidavit. See the Berwyn Bulletin Board for details:

Enforcement mechanisms for collecting overdue water bills will be discussed either at the Ordinance Committee or the Committee of the Whole. Bottom line, a lot of people owe water monies.

Closed Committee of the Whole minutes are available to the public from the past administration. You can see what was discussed concerning past land acquisitions, personnel decisions and litigation involving the City. You should be able to make a Freedom of Information Request from the City Clerk or possibly, just ask.

The building codes discussed by the Building/Zoning Aldermanic Committee will not be made into law. This concerned the 2nd floor additions. The moratorium is now lifted. Build away; within the new guidelines. Otherwise, you can go to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

The 8th Ward Alderman had many communications on the floor. A building permit was issued for a house that got caught in the moratorium.
Joel also asked that the use of gas be looked into by City employees. This will be discussed at the Budget Aldermanic Committee meeting on June 22, 2005 at 7:30 pm, followed by a Building/Zoning meeting.
Joel also wants the City to look into pets and animals. Not sure what he wants.
And, finally, Joel wants a valet parking ordinance put into effect.

I started the way to bring much stronger provisions into the ordinance concerning noise. Actually received much clapping from the crowd for this. Who knew?

The 5th Ward Alderman, Ben Brocato, wants the City to have some ordinance put into place concerning portable basketball hoops.

Mike Phelan, 6th Ward Alderman, got a tree removed and is behind the City's fireworks for the Fourth of July.

Apartments are being converted into condos in the 1st Ward at 3839 Wenonah. The more condo conversions we have in Berwyn, the better for our City.

The 4th Ward Alderwoman, Michele Skryd, is seeking an increase in Zoning fees. Apparently, Berwyn is under-priced.
She also is having better parking conditions put into place at the Happy Days Child Devt Center.
Finally, Michele is seeking speed bumps on certain streets. Studies will be done. Based on what happens with her streets, I will seek to do the same thing in various parts of the 3rd Ward.

A new probationary firefighter, Robert Pilch, has been put onto duty.

Oak Park from Ogden to 39th Street is being re-paved this summer.

Finally, the business at 6727 Stanley is seeking TIF monies for a facade rehab. This will be looked at by the City more in depth before giving out the monies.

That has been a fast and short re-cap. I simply went down the agenda. I did not write about everything. If you want to look at the agenda, you can go to the City's website and look under the City Clerk link.

Hi Mark,

Great summary of the happenings in your Ward and around the City. Any way you can get the other Aldermen to update their websites or use blogs such as your to keep their ward informed? Thank you for taking the time, it is very much appreciated.

Also, have question on the building guidelines, what are they or where can we find them? Are we trying to stay away from shoddy-looking dormers?
Ana: Please write to me at so we can discuss; or call me at 484-7512. As for the building guidelines, yes, the idea is to stay away from ugly looking additions. Unfortunately, we are not the aesthetic police, so the guidelines can only deal with objective things.

Thanks for the comments. As for the other Alderpeople, that is up to them.
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