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Thursday, June 09, 2005
Committee of the Whole, Fire/Police
We met Tuesday, June 7, 2005 for the Committee of the Whole meeting.

First discussed the audit; or lack thereof and why the lack of audit. The accounting firm chosen by the last administration began the audit of 2003 and it become rapidly apparent that the finances were an utter disaster. Consequently, the accounting firm made up its own accounting and by the time the firm was finished with the accounting, a new firm had to come in and do the audit. That is in progress.

There is an apartment building at 3839-45 Wenonah that is going condo. The City has no parking ordinances for apartments, but does for condos; meaning, you can have a big apartment building, but no parking spaces for the building. Yet, the same size condo building, and you need parking. Makes no sense. Bottom line, the City will let the condo building become a condo building.

There will be a town hall meeting August 10, 2005 for the entire City's residents.

No Aldermanic websites will have links on the City website.

The biggest thing to come out of the meeting is that residents will now be able to speak at a City Council meeting about items on that night's agenda.

There is a meeting set for tonight, June 9, 205, at City Hall to discuss the lack of parking garage i the depot district.

Fire and Police Aldermanic Committee Meeting

Berwyn has a billing service that does all the billing for the ambulance/paramedic services. We are looking to see if the service is fair, if it could be better or if it is okay as is.

Additionally, we briefly discussed having our firefighters do the paramedic services. As it stands, we contract out to a paramedic company. Do not know if this is feasible, but worth a look.

Finally, we briefly discussed having video cameras in police vehicles.

Finally, finally, we discussed having a community alternative policing service(CAPS).

Mark - I wasn't able to attend the meeting. Would you please discuss how a community alternative policing service(CAPS) would work?

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