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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Budget/Building & Zoning
The Aldermanic Committees met Wednesday evening, June 21, 2005. First, we met on the Budget Committee. We discussed the gas issue. Only three remaining Alderpeople have gas keys. It appears the majority of all the other gas keys are actually being used properly. Having said that, we need to better figure out all the logistics involved. This issue is not done yet. At the very, very least, we need something done concerning the Alderpeople. My opinion.

We also discussed the line items vis-a-vis the new positions and replacement positions. There is no doubt we will be saving money salary wise. Just getting rid of the PSO with no replacement helps tremendously.

Next, we the Building/Zoning Committee met. We will be attempting to get facts/figures of other municipalities and what they charge for zoning meetings and permit fees. Stay tuned.

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