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Friday, May 13, 2005
No Expense Account
Just so everyone knows, an Alderman receives a $10,000.00 stipend per year and a $4,500.00 expense account. The former 3rd Ward Alderman spent the $4,500.00 in four months, which means that I have no expense monies. So, when you get a magnet or card or newsletter, please realize that the monies paying for those items come from my stipend or salary if you will. Also, Alderpeople get free health insurance. I have elected to not take the free health insurance.

It seems really crazy and wrong that the former aderman could have spent all of his money in just three months. However, I am moved that you are willing to establish a third ward charity and would be willing to help get money, find people who need someting etc.
I can't believe that there was no stipulations on the spending. This is crazy! Thank you for your honesty and keeping us informed as to what really happened and what willbe happening. I for one look forward to the changes coming!! Count me in as a volunteer. I will contact you directly.
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