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Friday, May 20, 2005
Almost Forgot
Two more things from the Committee of the Whole this past Tuesday the 17th:

First, showing proof of insurance to get the City vehicle sticker will no longer be required. We want to get to the point where this can be done online.

Second, we had a long discussion about the height of new additions to houses. After a 35 foot height was allowed for a house, we have tentatively decided on a 32 foot height restriction for any new work done to a second floor. After the meeting, I spoke to an architect who says he wouldn't mind 30 or 31 feet as a height restriction. Any thoughts?

Finally, please check out and participate in the Berwyn Bulletin Board/Forum:

I personally despise the 2nd story, flat walled, sheer faced additions that seem to grow out of the top of a classic bungalow. And it is sheathed in vinyl siding. YUCK!

If you are going to add onto a house, maintain some sensitivity to the character of the house and the neighborhood.
Is there some reason why insurance would not be required to get a city sticker even over the Internet? Having been left holding the bag several times by uninsured drivers, I don't think there can be enough impetus provided to drivers to obtain insurance.
Steve: Since you did not leave an email address, here is my reply. I understand not having insurance. I myself am a personal injury attorney and I see it everyday. Having said that, it is State law and by requiring Berwyn drivers to prove they have insurance, many do not get city stickers which deprives the city of money. So, they don't have insurance and the city gets no benefit. Additionally, by having people get a sticker, the city can monitor the citizen's vehicles more appropriately. Best I can do. Hope that works.
Mark. A parking ticket to non-resident overnight parkers could be a good source of revenue too. Come on. You're a lawyers - be creative. Maybe there cold even some towing fees (with a city tax!)
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